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Turnaround Time?
Printing turnaround time after all artwork has been submitted and approved or artwork done by Inkling has been finalized the standard turnaround time is approximately 5-6 business days, from the time it's order until it's at your door step.. Orders with folds, scores, perforations or jobs with UV coating will take 1-2 days longer than your standard turnaround time. There can be a rush put on the job which the turnaround time can be pushed forward. Please call for rush times and extra fees.

What pick up options do I have?
You can either have your job shipped to you by UPS to your door step at no extra cost or we can deliver the job to you locally.

What payment options are available?
Due to do the cost of printing, full payment is required to start all print jobs. We accept check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover..

Can Inkling design my work too?
Yes, we can. Please call Inkling to discuss the type of project you would like to have designed and get an estimated cost.

What do you print?
Some of our clients use our printing services for: Promotional Brochures, Event Flyers, Restaurant Menus, Realtor Postcards, Tickets, Handbills,Business Cards, Posters, Point of Sale Signage, Photo Reproduction, Zed Cards, Instruction Booklets, Monthly Periodicals, Tri-Folds, Record Flats, and More!

How can I send you a print job?
If you have artwork already to can simply send your images to If Inkling is doing the design for you, you won't have to worry about anything except approving the final artwork before it goes to print.

Can you print jobs that are different sizes than you have listed?
Yes we can! For custom orders please call or send an email to

What kind of paper do you use?
All flyers, postcards, and business cards are printed on 12 point card stock with an aqueous or UV coating. Brochures and Posters are printed on either 80# or 100# text weight paper.

What file formats can you take?
We accept PC rasterized file format. This includes tiffs, jpegs, flattened psds, flattened pdfs, and eps. If you are going to send an eps, please convert all fonts to curves or outlines. We do not accept Corel Draw, Microsoft Publisher, Quark Express files.

What types of media do you accept?
We perfer you to email us your images but, you can also mail us your artwork if it is stored on cd.

Is there an extra charge for bleeds?
No. Unlike many other companies, all our prices include full bleeds free of charge. The bleeds should be 1/8" all around.

What is the difference between Aqueous coating and UV coating?
Aqueous coating is water based and environmentally friendly. It is not a glossy as UV but it also is not detrimental to the environment. UV coating is a chemical based coating that takes longer to dry but has a much higher gloss than Aqueous. The post office will not accept UV coated postcards because you can not print or write on UV coating. It's very close to a laminated look and is popular amongst club flyers and corporate presentation pieces.

Why can't you accept the above mentioned file types?
We choose not to accept them because there is too much room for error. We do not have all the fonts installed onto our machines and sometimes they get lost in the transfer. Generally all design software will let you save-as or export as one of the required file types. Once the images are in the required file types they are "finalized" and everything is embedded so it alleviates any possibility for errors. Also, some of the file types are not high enough resolution in those formats.

Why are the colors different on my screen than on the printed flyers?
Because your monitor is broken. No, seriously it's because you're probably designing the job in RGB (Red Green and Blue) color mode which is the industry default for most graphic applications. We are a four color printer so when you submit a file as an RGB we have to convert it to CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black) color mode. The Reds, Greens, and Blues will lose value after the conversion and it won't look the same. We require all of our files to be submitted as CMYK. If not, we will convert them for you and there will be some color deviation. To get the closest match of how your job is going to look when printed design it in CMYK color mode.

What resolution do you guys require?
We are a high resolution printer so we require all submitted files to be 300dpi (Dots Per Inch). If you design a job at 72dpi or lower we cannot use the file. Our prepress will resize it to 300dpi therefore "stretching" the image out and making it distorted.

What's a bleed?
A bleed is a graphic that extends to the edge of a sheet or page after trimming. You can have images that "bleed" off the edge of the design. Any graphic that extends past the original canvas size is considered a bleed. It will be trimmed to the size of the job so the graphics that extend will be trimmed. You do not want to have text bleeding off the edges because they will get cut and you will lose important information in the process.

What's all this talk about a Safe Area for my Text?
After we print your job we have to cut it out from the print sheet. Our cutters are very precise but generally we need to cut 1/16" to 1/8" into your job so there is no white border. If you have text that goes all the way to the edge then you will lose portions of that text that hug the edge. It is important to keep all your text at least 1/8" in from the edge of the design. If you want a precise border size then adjust the border so it is 1/8" bigger to help compensate for the cut.

What's the best file type to submit?
The best file type to submit would be a flattened .TIF file since it's not compressed. However, this usually leads to a very large file size. A compressed .JPG will work just as well as an uncompressed .TIF and will drop the file size down tremendously. The file size issue comes into play when you're uploading your art to our server. If you save it as a .TIF and using a dial up modem, grab yourself a copy of "Gone with the Wind" or take a short vacation because it's going to take a while to upload.

What size do you want my design? Do you need me to add any bleed?
What ever size job you order is the exact size we need the art submitted. If you order a 4" x 6" postcard then the art you submit will be exactly 4" x 6". Keep in mind the "safe area" for the text. If you submit art that is larger than the 4" x 6" dimensions then we usually will shrink/enlarge to fit into the allocated space. There is one exception to this rule and it applies to business cards because of the size of them.

What size does the art for a business card have to be?
Due to the small size of a final business card we require that the design be submitted at 3.625" x 2.125". In order for us to cut the card precisely to 3.5" x 2" we need that 1/8" so we don't cut into your cards. Use the "safe area" information when designing your business cards because the 1/16" will be cut off.